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author, educator & speaker
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Classes and keynote speeches are designed to improve personal performance. All workshops are collaborative and interactive. Trainings use methods that integrate all of the learning styles. Topics include: (Click topic to view)

Presentation Skills
Conflict Resolution
Classroom Dynamics
Best Practices
  • Presentation Skills

    This workshop is comprised of four classes that take participants on a journey to develop and deliver impactful presentations.

    • Learning Objectives Level 1
      • Plan for Powerful Presentations
      • Goal Setting Backwards
      • Over Prepare
      • Practice Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
    • Learning Objectives Level 2
      • Understand the three necessities for engaging audiences:
        Organization, Animation, Participation
    • Learning Objectives Level 3
      • Practice the principles of Creative Writing
      • Review Suspense Elements
      • Empower the Struggle
      • Develop a Call to Action
    • Learning Objectives Level 4
      • Practice Standing and Delivering
      • Get Feedback
      • Understand How to Grade Your Presentation
  • Communication
    • Learning Objectives
      • Create Positive First Impressions
      • Assess Communication Styles
      • Discuss How Attitude Influences Aptitude
      • Participate in Interactive Verbal and Non Verbal Activities
      • Develop Methods to Improve Communication
  • Best Practices
    • Learning Objectives
      • Understand the Foundation for Success
      • Learn the Importance of Knowing One's Strengths and Weaknesses
      • Observe the Process of Achievements
      • Develop Goal Oriented Patterns
      • Create Task Achieving Habits
  • Branding
    • Learning Objectives
      • Understand the Difference Between Marketing and Branding
      • Define the Purpose of Branding
      • Develop a Brand Promise
      • Recognize and Enhance Brand Personality
      • Get Tools to Improve Brand Presence
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Learning Objectives
      • Measure the Cost of Conflict
      • Review and Discuss Conflict Styles
      • Assess Your Conflict Style
      • Understanding the Benefits of Peaceful Communication
      • Strategize Problem Solving Techniques
      • Negotiate Win/Win Solutions
  • Leadership
    • Learning Objectives
      • Discover the M.O.D.E. of Leadership
      • Understand the Challenges of Routine and Change
      • Develop Methods for Building Strong Teams
      • Develop Tools for Influencing and Gaining Positive Results
  • Classroom Dynamics
    • Learning Objectives
      • Create Lesson Plans that Improve Learning
      • Understand Learning Behaviors
      • Strategize for Students who Don’t Study
      • Discover How to Enhance the Learning Environment
      • Define Accountable Gain
      • Manage Learning Teams for Efficiency